Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoricthys part 2

I changed some of my lighting for this aquarium as well as some hardscaping and I am very happy with the way it looks. The glass is scratched, not much I can do about that. The Firemouth is coloring up nicely, he is a lone man in the tank, unless you count Mr. Crabby, the shrimp. I got more quality photos this session than previously, I'm stoked. All of these images are straight out of the camera, no editing.
Both of them like to hide out behind the wood under the heater.
I really liked the amount of detail in these two shots.

This is how I usually find him. Peeking out to see if anyone is coming to eat him. I also like this shot because the colors are very true to life.
His "firemouth" is really maturing now.
Full body shot. I'm not sure where the tear in his tail fin came from, probably in his lightning quick escape into his hole when someone came into the room.

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